Thief on the net – travel threat Vietnam

HCMC man Tran Quang Duy, 20, has been reportedly arrested for stealing money from credit cards and transferring to his personal account. His main victims were expats and travelers.

As reported by the local press, initial investigations revealed that Duy hooked his victims through advertisements for cheap Tiger airways tickets between Vietnam and Singapore. Many were hooked because the advertisement claimed booking online through his site ensured lower prices than those offered by the airline.

Once victims approved the online transaction, Duy booked them onto Tiger airways flights on its website and then sent tickets directly to them or through agents. With the information he gathered from the transaction, he hooked up to the victims’ bank accounts and transferred money to his own account. This had apparently been going on for long time; he reportedly thought he would get away with it since he only targeted expats and foreign travelers. He was finally arrested late last month.

The scam is well-known within the IT community, which has dubbed it “cashout”. Hackers create online sales services and then use them to steal information from those who buy stuff from them. With their digital skills, they create ATM cards connected to the victims’ accounts and freely withdraw the money from them, and even share the accounts with friends.

Another way to work it is to use victims’ accounts to buy things like laptops or mobile phones from other online services, and when those service refuse orders from Vietnam due to previous complaints, they redirect the purchases to friends or relatives abroad. Those people then ship the good on to them.

It is therefore strongly advised that expats and travellers take care using online services from unknown Vietnamese websites, keep changing your passwords frequently.

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