Caribbean,Antigua,The Cayman Islands


Create a romantic memory that will last a lifetime by honeymooning in a tropical paradise. The Caribbean has an amazing variety of terrain – from thick rain forests to volcanoes, from white- to black-sand beaches. Great food, music, beautiful scenery, and the leisurely lifestyle of the islands draw millions of visitors each year. Come find your place in the sun by staying at some of the very best hotels and resorts in the Caribbean.


Formerly a British colony, it has retained strong links to British tradition (and is deeply devoted to the English sport of cricket). In recent years, tourism has undergone tremendous expansion, and the island is now popular with tourists of all types. Antigua is best known for its 365 beautiful beaches, magnificent dive sites and interesting historical maritime sites. It is also known as a major Caribbean yachting port.

Barbados, a great island getaway, offering not only beautiful pink, sandy beaches, but also a rich cultural heritage and a wide array of sightseeing attractions. This sophisticated island has a distinguishably British flavor — afternoon tea and the sport of cricket are quite popular.

The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are a small chain of islands lying about 480 miles south of Miami, Florida. Grand Cayman is the largest and only significantly populated island (about 30,000 of The Caymans 32,000 population live on Grand Cayman). The Caymans are world renowned for their Diving, snorkeling, and beautiful beaches. The Caymans are somewhat upscale – there are nice shops and great restaurants – but the main focus is on the enjoyments that can be derived from the sea, and not from nightlife and other entertainment.

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